These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

The price for goods will be as stipulated at the time of your order. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the price, to take account of any increase, or the imposition of, any taxes or duties.

An initial consultation and detailed quote are included in any costing for any event. Any consultations or amendments will incur an admin charge after that. If you require a consultation at your chosen venue we shall charge a fee of £25 an hour plus travel time.

A non refundable booking fee of £200 is required on all wedding, event & hire orders and a booking will not be secured until this is received. Fifty percent of the final balance is required three months before the wedding date. The balance in full is required one month prior to the event unless otherwise agreed. All payments made to Leafy Couture are non refundable.

Three months before your wedding date, at the point of the 50% payment; the wedding flowers order is to be finalised and the total amount cannot be reduced. Additional items can be added at any time. Items listed on the order can be exchanged for alternative florals but the overall balance cannot be reduced after three months before your wedding date.

We shall aim to create your event flowers with your chosen blooms but flowers are a natural item and if by any circumstances beyond our control if they are not available we reserve the right to use a suitable replacement.

Buttonholes are not guaranteed to stay perfect all day; the impact of body heat, hugging your loved ones will mean that your buttonhole will not look as perky in the evening as it did on your wedding morning.

Any items rented from Leafy Couture, i.e. vases, candelabras etc, remain the property of Leafy Couture. Collection of these will be arranged prior to any event. Any broken, damaged or missing items are you, the clients responsibility. In the event of this a bill will be issued and must be paid upon receipt.

The contract between us shall be governed by the laws of England and any dispute will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England. We operate a complaints procedure. All complaints will be dealt with in a fair and confidential manner. In the first instance all complaints should be addressed to Leafy Couture.


 Exposure to COVID-19 is a risk in any public location where people are present; there is no guarantee you or your guests will not be exposed during an event. People who show no symptoms can spread Coronavirus and it’s understood that any interaction in a public setting poses an elevated risk of being exposed to Coronavirus.

 Leafy Couture care about our client, staff and fellow service providers and as such we commit to the following safety precautions leading up to and during your event:

• Disinfecting/cleaning all supplies, vases, vessels before delivery to your event

• Minimising contact with clients, service providers and guests

• Following government guidelines and regulations for businesses and employees including: wearing a facial covering over the nose and mouth at all times when in the presence of others, proper hygiene and handwashing, and monitoring employee health/symptoms

• No employees showing signs or symptoms of infection will be allowed to work

• Due to the nature & time pressure of installations and event setups, it is seldom possible to do no-contact setups. However, as far as possible, we’ll deliver to your venue or requested location and setup with social distancing and safe practices, but request that other vendors be requested to do the same and to have the same standards in place to protect us all. 

• In the event that the Leafy team members allocated to your event fall ill with COVID, we will source an equally experienced freelance florist to deliver your event.


As the client, you accept responsibility to see to it that your attendees/guests will assume their respective responsibility for the health and safety of others in attendance including service providers and their respective staff. Those responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to adhering to venue capacity limits and government regulations, maintaining social distancing requirements, proper use of face coverings, proper ventilation for indoor spaces, hand sanitising and overall health and hygiene at the event.

 Leafy Couture has the right to deem a situation as an unsafe situation for them and their staff (such as guests or other service providers not respecting social distancing and face covering requirements, and other health and safety guidelines). Leafy Couture will notify the client or the client’s event planner of pertinent safety requirements as required by government regulations, such as specific timing for set-up to allow for social distancing. By accepting responsibility, you (the client) also acknowledge the right for Leafy Couture to suspend services indefinitely if contractual responsibilities for health and safety are not being met, forfeiting all monies paid.

Inherent risks of COVID-19 and/or other pandemics include the possibility of changes in guidelines, government regulations or personal health status which could lead to postponements, cancellations, or reducing the guest count/overall size of your event.

Leafy Couture will do its best to accommodate resizing as well as rescheduling of events. Events postponed will require a re-quote due to annual price increases.

Leafy Couture will accommodate event resizing due to government regulations applicable at the event date within reason. But Leafy Couture also needs to protect itself against the opportunity cost of lost income, through no fault of our own and may apply its minimum order reduction policy as listed elsewhere in this document.

Postponement of a client’s event may result in changes to the botanical materials due to changes in season resulting from the postponement. If the impact is dramatic, this will be discussed with the client to agree the new changes, which may also impact the pricing quoted due to seasonal variations.

 By moving your event, you acknowledge and agree that you assume inherent risks associated with gatherings during the COVID-19 or other pandemics, including the risk to our team.


Leafy Couture and the client both agree to notify one another if either becomes aware that any attendee (employee, guest, or service provider) has tested positive for COVID-19 within 3 weeks following the event to allow for isolation and contact tracing. Additionally, the Department of Health must be notified of any attendee who has tested positive.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without any prior notice to you.

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